Trump wants to fight ISIS with nuclear weponary


The world is shocked after Trump’s inner circle voiced plans to fight ISIS with nuclear weapons. Trump has certainly taken kindly to brute force and no mercy against those who oppose American safety. As many feared, Trump is now taking his plan to ‘protect’ the United States too far.

Warning Signs

This could be seen on the horizon far before the election. The warning signs were in place and for anyone to be considered an informed voter they would have to be familiar with the time Trump supported killing the families of terrorists.  With this stated all the way back in March of 2016, I can say firmly Americans knew who and what they were electing.

The Source

The information was passed along by Hope Hicks. She is part of Trump’s transition team and soon to be white house director of strategic communications. Following a meeting regarding the upcoming transition, Hicks spoke with white house staff about Trump’s plan to fight ISIS ruthlessly. She stated “There is no reason not to use every advantage at our disposal to wipe our American threats and protect American lives”.

Hope’s words early in the morning of January 1st bring light to President elect Donald Trump’s tweet from the previous night. He wrote “Why haven’t we fought our biggest enemy with our biggest weapons? So wasteful!”. This had many people scratching their heads as well as fearing the potential behind his words. With a conclusion drawn through the words of his inner circle it’s time to worry.


The implications of using nuclear weaponry to fight ISIS could be dire. They have not been used in combat since Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945. The escalation of the cold war had many people fearing sudden death by means of instantaneous incineration. Even if using nuclear weapons against ISIS would probably prove themselves very effective, there is no way to prevent innocent lives from being caught in the cross fire. Significant environmental damage is also incurred by remaining radiation. It would also surely open the door for other nations to start waging nukes within the bounds of warfare. A door that desperately needs to remain shut.

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