Trump to push creation in public schools


Donald Trump has made a drastic move regarding the development of the nations youth.
Trump’s third campaign manager and counselor, told press the would move against the teaching of evolution in schools.  She stated there was no reason to be teaching the ‘nonsense’ and that children would be getting more out of learning creation.


The separation of church and state is a very important factor at play in America’s democracy. It is crucial the nation does not allow the line to be crossed. This does include publicly funded
operations like public schools. There are many people up in arms saying there is no reason what so ever to teach creation because of a lack of evidence to support it. Others believe in teaching both.
The frame bending failure of this argument arrives when ou consider what would happen if one religion was allowed to push their narrative into schools. It opens the door for any other religion to push their ideology into schools as well on the grounds of not being able to show preference for one religion over the other.

The Plan

Donald Trump has yet to speak on the issue. He has been hard at work in preparation for inauguration January 20th, 2017. Strategically, Trump is most likely to move on the issue around 2-3 months into office. This allows him time to settle in, take on tasks at the top of his list, and plan the offensive.
It is helpful for a minor announcement at this time because it will be overshadowed by preparation for inauguration In a wink. It gives them a chance to see what kind of reaction this kind of policy would yield from the public. If there is overwhelming counter support, outcry, and uproar, they can sweep the idea under the rug. It will then sit under the rug till the end of time or could be worked at from a better angle in a future attempt when the time is right.

No matter how Trump plans on following through with creation only teaching in public schools, there is about to be some serious debate over the line between church and state. There is going to be a lot of emotion people in all walks of life. This issue will give us some insight as to what we might expect from the future president.

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