Snapchat and Uber Team up for custom filters

Custom filters & Rides to Contacts

After redesigning its app last month, uber has now partnered with Snapchat. Their goal? To keep you on your phone during your ride. They have innovated by providing CUSTOM FILTERS. These revolutionary  filters are only available during the ride.  The update dodoesn’t stop there. They have also added a neat feature allowing you to uber to a person’s location. You simply allow uber to access your contacts, then you request a ride to their location. The person will receive a notification asking for permission to grant the use their location. When accepted, uber takes care of the rest leaving you free to Snapchat all your friends to show off your exclusive new filters.

Snapchat vs Instagram

Instagram is like a balloon that can’t get enough oxygen. It forced its way into Snapchat’s territory by introducing their own story feature and haven’t stopped there. They quickly moved to incorporate their own filters and almost completely copied Snapchat’s touch controls. Instagram is desperately trying to use all the oxygen in the room, there’s no surprise Snapchat has begun to team up with other apps for an edge in market.

Users Go With The Flow

Many users have felt that Instagram has overstepped by incorporating stories into itself. No matter how much these people want to keep Snapchat and Instagram separate, if a significant portion of Snapchats users disappears in favor of Instagram people will be left with no choice.  Social media apps are fun because their users are bound by what’s popular. The situation is similar to Facebook overtaking MySpace. There were many people perfectly happy with MySpace, and many people who even preferred MySpace over Facebook. These users are held hostage by the userbase of their platform because when all their friends disappear their social media app becomes a lot less social. Instagram will have its day but it wont be long until the balloon pops.

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