Pope’s Twitter account hacked “People who dont party on new years are losers!”

 Pope’s Account status?

New Years Eve 2016 isn’t coming in smoothly. Today people were shocked to find the Pope’s Twitter account hacked by pranksters. The twitter hack was confirmed by the pope himself and the account was recovered with ease. The obnoxious tweet was quickly removed.


Followers of @pontifex were surprised when he tweeted a rude tweet targeting people who don’t party on new years. Although he may be right about people not partying being sticks in the mud who should learn to have a good time, it was an unnecessary message to receive from the pope. The tweet stated “People who don’t party on new years eve are losers! Get a life or the lord wont like you”.


This is a religious attack in the eyes of the catholic church. Many religious leaders have voiced their opinion of these pranksters taking their fun too far. The damage caused by a tweet like this could have a significant ripple effect. Cardinal Francis Arinze Stated “It’s a shame people are making jokes like these. Someone who is already in a bad place may be given the incentive to take permanent action against their own life.” He urged anyone in a bad place to call a local helpline before doing anything serious.


The origin of the tweet was rumored to come from somewhere in the United States. Authorities investigating the hack are rumored to know a lot more than they have told us about the origin of the unfortunate prank. They are keeping to themselves until they have exhausted their options. Who knows? We may see an arrest in the coming weeks. There haven’t been any common hacking groups to take responsibility for the malicious tweet yet either. Judging by the the nature of the tweet itself, we are probably looking at a teenager experimenting from his room instead of a high profile ‘hacktivist’.

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