Obama to Meet with Edward Snowden

Obama May Pardon Snowden

Barack Obama’s term is set to end January 20th, 2017. Before leaving office, he is making a bold move to end his eight years of power. Many people have rumored Obama might pardon Edward Snowden for whistle blowing.

Snowden is currently stowed away in Russia and wanted by U.S. government. His life changed significantly in June 2013 when he outed the NSA for mass surveillance on the united states population. He was forced to flee to Russia where he is being protected from United States action.

Barack Obama is coming up on his final days in office after being elected for a 2nd term. It’s no surprise that this is the time for him to make some bold moves as he doesn’t have re-election to worry about. The Democratic party is already in shambles after Hillary Clinton’s deafening loss to Donald Trump. The door is wide open for Obama to make bigger moves that will define him as a president. Especially with Trump trying to take down Obamacare, Obama’s legacy.

This move is surprising, however, to those who have payed close attention to Obama’s proceedings in the white house. He is known for massively increasing surveillance, restricting citizen’s rights, and strengthening government powers. It is divergent for him to suddenly give the black hole in his presidency a pass.

The U.S. Government reacted to Snowden’s leaks by playing dead. They simply ignored the situation to the best of their abilities. They gave Snowden no consideration and nobody talked about the revelations. Meeting with Snowden to pardon him might bring some light to the situation but it could also be a more aggressive way of ignoring the situation. If he is pardoned there is almost no reason to talk about him anymore. The once hero locked up in cold Russia will just be a normal citizen once again. Besides, they have already made their point about not taking kindly to whisle blowers.

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