14 Year old becomes millionaire trading on steam

Austin Smith’s parents were shocked this holiday season to discover how he was able to purchase a new computer without a job. After questioning him, fearing it was a product of illegal activity like selling drugs they were revealed when he proudly showed them how he, a 14 year old public school student, did it.

Austin Smith is a 14 year old gamer. His Favorite game to play is Counter Strike Global Offensive. After playing the game for a little over two years he began trading in game items. These items are traded on the steam market for steam wallet money.  The prices of these items vary greatly, maxing out at a price of 500$ USD when traded on the steam market. Many big time traders like Austin trade privately through third party websites. Many of these deals entail the rarest, most valuable, items. It is not uncommon for some of these items to reach prices of over 10,000$.

The 14 year old’s Process

The trading process can be grueling at times. When interviewed, Austin told us “I check it constantly throughout the day. I stay up late negotiating with other players. Sometimes it takes hours to find the right deal.” We asked him to take us through his trading process to find out exactly how he’s struck it rich. He starts by buying a cheap item with real money. He’ll join games, leave messages on forums, offer deals on trading websites like CSGOLounge, working tirelessly to move to the next increment. “I learned most of what I use from reading books, experimenting and a lot of hard work. Anyone trying to get into it should read Make Your Inventory a MuseumIt gave me a great starting point and I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without it. Slowly but surely, the 2$ item he started out with has now transformed into a thousand dollar item with many interested buyers. “There are also a ton of other strategies like buying lots of an item when you know it’s value will be coming up soon. I have around 34,000$ worth of items in my inventory. If I sell at the right time I should get over 100,000$ back.” He’s done this a few times already in recent months earning his way to millionaire status.

Micheal and Sandy Smith are very excited Austin was able to find so much success. Micheal told us “We started giving him more leeway when staying up later on school nights because we now know how well he’s doing. At the same time we are sure he understands schools is very important even though it may feel pointless at this time.”

Now what?

With all this money in the pocket of a 14 year old you could expect the worst. Austin plans on holding onto his money. He is going to spend decent chunk on a nicer car when he gets his license. Other than that he plans to be very careful with his money and continue trading as long as possible. Typical 14 year olds wash dishes for minimum wage while Austin managed to trade his way to a million in his room. The Smith’s will be going on vacation to Mexico in the coming months to celebrate early success in life. The cost of the trip covered by Austin’s parents as long as he buys his dad a drink at some point. Millionaire Austin Smith is being smart with his money because it took so much work to earn. He knows better than anyone how lucrative the market can be.


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